Sandra Ferretti, Belgium

With a near to 20 years of employment at Obelis s.a. as Chief Compliance Officer, Sandra Ferretti  has a unique expertise in European regulatory affairs both in cosmetics and medical devices fields. Her specialties: Regulatory affairs, cosmetics, medical devices, responsible person, authorized representation, quality assurance, policy making, European associations representation, company law, social law, business administration, public subventions. 


Current : 

▪ Expert in the profession of Responsible Person according to the Regulation 1223/2009 (including PIF compilation, Notifications, Cosmetovigilance);
▪ Founding member & Secretary of ERPA : the European Association of Cosmetics Responsible Person; 
▪ Speaker at various international seminars 
▪ ERPA representative at EU working groups on Cosmetics

 Past :

▪ Representing COSMED – UEAPME at EU Commission working groups alongside competent authorities :
▪ PEMSAC subgroup – SUE reporting working group 
▪ PEMSAC subgroup – CLAIMS working group